Finally I have been dragged kicking & screaming into the digital era, and have agreed to set up & maintain my own website! To be absolutely honest I am actually looking forward to getting to grips with things, especially revisiting and updating articles from many of my previous trips, and illustrating them with some of the tens of thousands of images I have, most of which have never been published. This I will, or at least attempt to, post under the ‘Memorable Trips’ section of the site.

Aside from posting a regular blog, I will be able to keep the site fully up to date with details of planned hosted trips with Anglers World Holidays, who organise all of my trips. If you require any additional information you can contact them directly plus, of course, myself.

Anyway thats my first ever ‘blog’, written, now I’m going to try to not get too stressed as I attempt to post it on the site! Let me know what you think…


'Pez-Gallo' a gorgeous 20lb+ roosterfish caught in Panama

‘Pez-Gallo’ a gorgeous 20lb+ roosterfish caught in Panama

Dave Lewis Florida

50lb Fly caught tarpon with Capt. Bill Bassett. Bud n’ Mary’s, Florida


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