Not long back from another hugely successful group trip to Puerto Rico, once again fishing with Caribbean Fishing Adventures and based at The Tarpons Nest Lodge. Six days fishing during which everyone caught plenty of tarpon, biggest fish landed was over 100lb but MUCH bigger fish were lost! Bait fishing this year was incredible, lots of 30-60lb ‘user friendly’ size fish. Trips to this amazing tarpon and snook destination can be booked from the UK with Anglers World Holidays Tel: 01246 221717. Get in touch if you would like to join me on the next trip!

Fly fishing produces lots of small to medium sized tarpon.

John Shervington hooked up to a very nice fish in the San Juan Lagoon.

And people sometimes ask what is so special about tarpon!

My home tied black and purple EP Fibre minnows were the hot fly of the week.

Locals use cast nets to catch bait, which they sell for $1 apiece.

John Shervington invested in a few, which he went on to put to good use!

Del Elliot jumps a small tarpon on fly.

Most of the tarpon caught on fly weigh less than 10lb, the perfect size size for the 8wt & 9wts we were using.

Imagine hooking this fish on an 8wt!

My last fish of the trip, I caught fish on fly every single day. Puerto Rico really is the perfect destination for both fly and bait fishermen, families, too!

There are lots of small snook, which add a bit of variety when fly fishing.

Capt. Angel Muntaner heads for the next tarpon hotspot. Some of the most productive marks are two or three minutes from the lodge. None are more than 10 minutes away.