I have not long returned from my latest trip to Belize, and already I am excited about the prospects of going back next year. Belize really is the perfect destination for fly fishing, as well as general light tackle fishing with lures or bait. It’s a beautiful destination where regardless of the weather you can be sure of a fun filled day on the water, and invariably productive days fishing; it’s great value for money, too.


Good morning Belize!

November is pretty much the start of the fishing season in Belize, with many of the most productive flats having received minimal if any fishing pressure during the previous weeks if not months, consequently most fish are much less spooky. November is the end of the rainy season in this corner of the Caribbean and while you should expect a few heavy showers, as you can see from these images you should also look forward to plenty of superb weather; perfect conditions for sight fishing!


Nice morning for a walk!


Incoming, one O’clock, 40ft, and yes, they are all bonefish


Are bonefish the perfect light tackle, shallow water species of gamefish, I think so!


Best of all when caught on a fly!

This year our group caught literally hundreds of bonefish the biggest specimens nudging 5lb, which is a very nice bonefish for Belize. Over the years I have been fishing in Belize I have noticed the average size of bonefish we have caught there has steadily increased, this trip I saw a few honest three pounders on most days. Fishing the various jungle rivers and mangrove creeks produced small tarpon and snook, with various species of jack, snapper and grouper adding variety elsewhere. One day one crew ventured outside the reef to troll lures, which resulted in a very nice brace of 30lb wahoo and a few blackfin tuna. Of course we all tried for permit and each time we had our shots, but as is so often the case when targeting these spookiest of spooky fish none were caught.


The average size of Belizean bonefish has steadily increased during the years I have been fishing there.


Andrew Leaves holds a very nice fish.


A nice one for Simon Powell, too!

As always the general ambience of Belize was what really made the trip. Each evening we would visit our favourite bars and restaurants where we knew we would experience the warmest of welcomes, the coldest beers, superb local rums plus, of course, great food! English is the main language in Belize, which certainly keeps things simple.


Fly caught yellowtail snapper.

DSCN2362 (1)

We caught plenty of jacks of various species.


Along with numerous user friendly size tarpon for the mangrove creeks.

Next years trip is already planned, and fully booked, but if you would like to organise a private trip or join me on a future hosted trip, you should contact Anglers World Holidays on Tel: 01246 221717 or visit:     

Wearing the correct clothing when fishing in the tropics certainly makes for comfortable fishing plus adequate protection from the sun, and for many years now I and most of my friends have relied on AFTCO for our tropical apparel. This iconic American company certainly produces the best lightweight, breathable and fast drying clothing that I have ever worn. You can check out their comprehensive and stylish range of technical sort fishing products at:


Another tough day in the office!


That was fun, where next, I want to catch another one!


I wonder if that place is for sale!


A friendly manatee pays us a visit!


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