Not long returned from the first of several trips to Samara, Costa Rica. This funky little town located on the western side of the Nicoya Peninsula in the north of the country really does have it all, it is the ideal place to locate for an action packed week of fishing both inshore and offshore. Plenty of local bars and restaurants provide ample opportunity to ‘support the local economy’, and I am proud to say we did our absolute utmost to ensure several of these fine establishments profited from our presence! Rather than write a full report, this time I’ll let the images tell the story of the trip…

Day one, we load our mountains of equipment aboard the two pangas we fish from.

One of four roosterfish I caught on the first morning of the trip, a great start!

Del with one of three that he caught, pink really is the hot colour here.

A selection of my favourite lures.

Day 2 we fished offshore, amongst thousands of spinner dolphins.

Just to spend time with these incredible creatures was reason enough for the trip, fishing was a bonus.

Dorado were especially prolific.

Great fun on light tackle!

Beautiful to look at!

And fabulous eating!

Capt.Nan prepares a midday fresh ceviche snack!

Which we all enjoyed!

School size yellowfin tuna added variety.

They take lures, too!

And, of course, also make great eating!

Back inshore, jigging produced a few of the usual species.

Hold those stomachs in boys! The crew at the end of a fabulous week at Samara.




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