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  1. Hi,Im a friend of Chris Angell of Shimano and he said to ask you for any advice on tackle needed and some tips on the fishing in Panama and Costa Rica.Im going for a few weeks in July\August.
    Any help would be great.

    Paul France

    email: frenchyfrance@hotmail.co.uk

    Tel: 07943193234

  2. hi Dave its Paul Cozens from holsworthy. You came out with us on the looe boat with Murray on Tuesday 17th june. Is there any chance you could email me a few of the pics you took that day, of me with the pollack and whiting and the group whiting shots. Will have a word with Steve McDonald when I see him about coming out on one of your trips abroad.
    Cheers Paul Cozens

    • Hi Steve

      Will do, give me a day or two-very busy!

      Did you see the blog on this years March trip to Nicaragua? There also a blog from the previous trip, plus a more detailed piece under ‘Memorable Trips”.

      All best


  3. Hi Dave . I have a fishing trip booked for Norway in August.I would like to know where you buy your swivels ,snapswivels and split rings that are strong enough for Norway. Thanks Mick.

  4. Hi Dave. We have been back from our trip for a couple of weeks now.This was our fifth time to
    Skjervoy Fiskecamp. We found the fishing patchy this time we were fishing the marks we fished
    on previous trips but could not locate fish in numbers. Some of the other boats found some good fish ,fishing around Bird Island. The best fish we saw was a 126lb Halibut.Nice Fish! The best fish
    on our boat was a 28lb cod caught on a whole coalfish. We had some good Haddock and in
    numbers. Anyway it was a great trip to Norway.The four guys I travelled with were great company
    especially my father who is 80 yrs old. Also Dave can you help me with a problem,I know you
    endorse Shimano rods recommending them for Norway. I took both the Beastmaster 20-30lb class
    and the Exage 20-30lb class S.T.C. travel rods with me ,both rods I enjoyed using.My problem
    is both the liners on the tip rings on both rods were damaged,the rods were not abused so I do
    not know how it happened.I was using braid on both of the rods at the time. I e-mailed Shimano
    to tell them about the problem ,they replied telling me they do not have any replacement rings
    just the liner part of the ring. I do not know if you can get replacement sections for these rods
    Also on one of the rods travel cases the zip snapped off , Shimano told me they do not have no
    replacement travel cases. I hope this is not on going problem getting parts for Shimano rods.
    Dave can you help me with this problem. Thanks Mick in Canada.

    • Hi Mick

      Contact Shimano servicing at Felindre 01792 796584, as you have been told they supply & fit the inserts of rod guides. This really is a fast and easy process with the repaired ring as good as new, lots easier than whipping new guides, which will never look the same. Unfortunately these hard ceramic inserts are very easily cracked, all it takes is a sharp tap at the wrong angle, especially in cold weather. Regarding the tube zip, I have had it happen to a few of mine, and repair them using thin plastic cable ties, I am not aware of anywhere you can get replacement tubes?

      All in all sounds like a good week in Norway, some weeks will always be better than others.

      Let me know how you get on with Shimano.

      All best


  5. Hi Dave, I have just had a reply from Shimano telling me they only supply parts to U.K. customers.
    Can you help me out here. I thought Shimano was a worldwide company. Thanks Mick.

    • Hi Mick

      Shimano are indeed a worldwide company, but Shimano UK/Europe are entirely separate from Shimano USA, Canada etc. I do have good contacts with the Uk servicing facility, tell me exactly which model rod you have & which rings are affected, including their size. Can’t promise anything but I will see what/if I can do anything‚Ķ Probably best if you send me your email address & we can exchange information that way.

  6. Hi Dave, thanks for relying to my e-mail. The rod codes are :- TBMAXBT20 1 and TEXAXBT2030 1
    both the tip rings are damaged . I have removed the broken liners and I measure the ring to be 11.5 mm . My e-mail address is :- maevans@sympatico.ca. Thanks again Dave. Mick.

  7. Hoi Dave this is Ben from Holland met you last week in Spain. I have a question for you.
    Do you think it is stil possible to score a toppart for my broken rod in the UK ore some where else? In Netherland its inpossible for this moment.
    CKLCS8202 Caranx Kaibutsu Longcast.
    Nice blog anyway. Grtz Ben.

      • Hi Dave maybe Shimano UK has the sparepart in stock ore somewhere else ? Maybe you can ask around for me if its no trouble. When its still possible to buy the part i like to buy it then because i liked the rod. Then whe can arranged something by Roned ore strait thrue me?
        Grtz Ben

      • Hi Dave May be if its no trouble you can ask Shimano UK for me ore if you have any other connections fore the sparepart. I liked the Rod very mutch. If it is posseble to order give me the the price we can arranged something thrue Roned ore strait away. No hurry just looking out for if its still possible to come by. Grtz Ben

        Op 18 aug. 2017 09:20 schreef “Dave Lewis Worldwide Fishing” :

        > davelewisguide commented: “Hi Ben, how can I help!” >

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